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Shopping entertaining centre «Anastasiya».
39, Pyrogova str.

There are shops of point-of-sale firms on the first, second and third floors.

There is a shop of child's commodities and toys «Antoshka», shop of lequeur vodka drinks and wines from the entire countries of the world. 2 and 3 floors - shops of clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, ecologically pure cosmetics, souvenirs and others like that.

The part of third floors is a club of table tennis .

There is a restaurant «Anastasiya» on the fourth floor.

Kitchen: Mediterranean, European.

«Anastasiya» is a restaurant for gourmets and for those, who only opens for itself surprising taste of authorial, Mediterranean and European kitchens. Basic principle of kitchen is quality foods, bright dishes, permanent updating of menu, original winy closet. The chef studied to the culinary art in Paris.

There are Italian and French wines, strong alcoholic drinks, fresh juices. Refined tender desserts.

The visitor service is on the highest level.

Types of payments : VISA, MASTER CARD, cash.

Working Hours : from 11.00 to 24.00

There is a complex of entertainments also on the fourth floor.

There’s bowling (6 paths), billiards (6 tables), 5D cinema, playing attractions .

Bowling (time of work is from 11-00 to 4-00) - 6 paths, discount system, possibility of corporative orders, children's holidays, bar-menu.

Billiards - there are possibility of previous order of tables, liqueur, bar-menu, instructor for beginners, holding of tournaments on billiards.

There are slot machines such as air hockey, car simulator and motor cycle races.

There is a 5D-theater with a stereo sound , by volume image, special effects (wind, lightning, drops of water), dynamic platform.

There is a parking.

Shopping entertaining centre «Anastasiya»
Vinnytsa, 39 Pyrogova street
Bowling, billiards, a movie 5D-theater, tel.: (0432) 508-880
Restaurant, tel.: (0432) 504-440
Department of lease of tel.: (0432) 508-101, (097) 825-11-65